Viners: Where Are They Now?

After their 6 seconds of fame...

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Though short-lived, the six-second video sharing app, Vine, made waves in the world of social media; launching the careers of many, bringing internet-fame to many more, and creating hundreds of viral sensations.

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While a fair lot of its stars were able to start up bigger and greater careers outside of Vine when it was still running, many creators were left in the dust after the app’s sudden demise in 2017.

Ignoring the likes of the Paul Brothers and Lele Pons, this other percentage of Viners were able to diversify and use the following they garnered from the app to generate audiences in other fields, which are perhaps actually better suited to their talents.

Below are just a handful of ex-Viners that have found success after the death of Vine (R.I.P.).


A popular and natural choice for most Viners was to make the transition to YouTube to make longer form content. Being another video sharing site with even more potential for success, it makes sense that a large majority made this change. While many have taken to vlogging, some creators have approached a genre of comedy on YouTube known as commentary videos.

DREW GOODEN – Vine 406k followers
YouTube 500k
Instagram 64k
Twitter 69k

DANNY GONZALEZ – Vine 2.8m followers
YouTube 444k
Instagram 138k
Twitter 86k

Among a handful of other ex-Viners, Drew and Danny have taken to YouTube to continue their brand of comedy. Each with their own channel, these creators critique, parody, and poke fun at some of the more unusual and cringe-worthy content on the internet.


CHRISTIAN LEAVE – Vine 826k followers
Instagram 556k
Twitter 269k

Christian Akridge, formerly known as Christian Leave, has moved away from the world of comedy and worked almost solely on his music after Vine. Christian has recently released an album titled Heartbreak Room, alongside a website and a small merchandise range.


The following creators have capitalised on their personalities post-Vine, generated success across multiple platforms and arguably created a status of celebrity for themselves.

CHRISTINE SYDELKO – Vine 515k followers
YouTube 1.3m
Instagram 1m
Twitter 917k

Most popularly known for her Christine & Elijah vlogs, Sydleko soon created a brand for herself, most memorably iconised through her Don’t Mess With Texas t-shirt. Now Christine primarily creates on YouTube, while still collaborating with other big YouTubers, influencers, and brands across other platforms. Most recently Sydelko started a merch line and a podcast titled Don’t Mess With Christine Sydelko.

JAY VERSACE – Vine 3m followers
YouTube 677k
Instagram 3m
Twitter 1.15m

Amassing millions of followers, Jay Versace has become both a comedy and style icon. While creating plenty of content on YouTube, Jay has also recently collaborated with Super Deluxe, MTV, and Nike, showing no limit to his versatility and influence.


BO BURNHAM – Vine 2.2 Million followers
YouTube 1.4m
Instagram 530k
Twitter 1.79m

Admittedly Bo Burnham’s career as a comedian wasn’t launched by his presence on Vine, but with over 2.2 million followers it’s hard to argue that he didn’t leave an impact on the platform, and vice versa. It’d be safe to say that Burnham wasn’t exactly left in the dust after the app’s death, having already performed a televised stand-up special in 2013 titled what. and following up with Make Happy in 2016. Now, Burnham has recently written and directed his first feature film Eight Grade which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018.

Words: Michail Mathioudakis