The Most Instagrammable Cafés Around the World

Pics or it didn't happen.

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The simple concept of a café meal has been revolutionised in the recent years, largely thanks to the trend-setting powers of Instagram. Local eateries and new coffee shops are now judged by the photo-worthiness of their food and atmosphere. Hanging plants? Check. Fairy lights? Check. Quirky wall décor? Check.

But hey, we’re not complaining; who doesn’t want their brunch to look like an edible rainbow? Be sure to snap a pic of the world’s most Instagrammable cafés on your next trip!

El Perro Y La Galleta – Madrid

This quaint café is one of Madrid’s most Instagrammable, with its rustic wood floors and tables, vintage radios lining the walls, and quirky dog portraits. Translated to “The Dog & The Cookie,” this hidden gem serves up equally delicious food, ranging from a Beef Steak Tartar to an American Angus Hamburger. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide the crucial natural lighting, while the wooden bar is the antique background you’ve been looking for. You might even capture a doggo in your shot, as the café is open to both humans and their furry companions.

Arvo Café – Honolulu

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This Hawaiian café was actually started by an Aussie, explaining the name (arvo is Aussie slang for “afternoon”). Though their focus lies in their high-quality coffee, the café offers Aussie-style food too, including vegemite! Most food items are served on wooden trays, making it even easier to get that Insta-worthy shot. The café is tucked away next to a floral boutique, and its full-length windows let the Hawaii sun light your photos to perfection. Between their Chia Seed Pudding and Smoked Salmon Toast, you can’t go wrong with this hip yet casual atmosphere.

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Palm Vaults – London

This East London café is the answer to all your 70’s dreams. This retro spot nails the millennial pink and palm green color scheme, with fresh greenery hanging form the ceilings and along the walls. With gold accents and thoughtful touches, the plant-based restaurant is serving up a range of pastel beverages, photo-ready avo toast, colorful chia puddings, and fresh super food salads. You can’t leave without trying one of their vegan cakes, especially the avocado fudge cake.

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Grounds of Alexandria – Sydney

This market-garden-petting zoo-café is the definition of Instagram heaven. The Grounds of Alexandria is a mini village, equipped with everything from a florist, bakery, patisserie, playground, café bar, and more. String lights, neon signs, and ample greenery provide endless photo opportunities. Wooden carts are scattered throughout the Grounds, offering juices and lemonades, fresh doughnuts and pastries, and refreshing popsicles. For a heartier meal, try out the café’s garden-to-plate menu for dishes like Rolled Eggs with Crispy Quinoa or Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Cheddar.

Pietro Nolita – New York

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This all-pink restaurant is just begging to be photographed. This healthy Italian eatery was inspired by the pastel-coloured restaurants along the port cities of Portofino and Santa Margherita near Milan. While the pink paradise has attracted attention from around the world, the fashion-forward owners are committed to maintaining their food’s quality. Some menu items will be equally as pink as the décor, but Pietro Nolita works to avoid the “gimmicky” label. Instead, they’re using their social following to inspire young women and people. The consistent crowds of fashionistas and Italians is a sure sign of this spot’s authenticity and Instagram factor.

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Naughty Boy Café – Melbourne

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A visit to Naughty Boy Café is not complete with one of their famous “Insta Shakes,” an intimidating combination of desserts and a thickshake. One their shakes, The Candy Fountain, is made with blue heaven milk, strawberry syrup, white chocolate dipped waffle cone, gummy candy, white chocolate ganache, and white chocolate mousse. Sounds like a light snack, right?

But if you’re not looking for heart attack-inducing sugar rushes, this bustling café serves fusion breakfast dishes with Middle eastern influences like the Haloumi Breakfast Roll or Asian Pork-Belly Sandwich. Whatever you choose to go for, Naughty Boy’s industrial vibe and quirky chalk art is the perfect backdrop.

Jutro – Zagreb

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This Croatian café stands out from the rest of the list as one of the simplest. The humbling atmosphere is characterised by an antique bicycle carrying fresh flowers and the entryway’s floral-lined path. The interior is bright and colourful, with pops of blues and purples on everything from the seating to the napkins. Though the menu is simple, offering freshly-squeezed juices, pastries and cakes, and simple breakfasts, this art café’s selection is still delicious and ready for its photo-op.

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Nalu Bowls – Bali

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Surf’s up! This little surf hut is taking Instagram feeds by storm with its picture-perfect smoothie bowls served up in coconut shells. The word nalu is Hawaiian for “wave,” as each bowl is inspired by a popular global surf break: Mavericks, J-Bay, and Uluwatu to name a few. The café’s interior matches that of a beachside paradise, with thatched roofs and simple blue and white seating and décor. Whether you’re recovering from a day of catching waves or just chilling by the pool, you’re going to want to capture these vibrant bowls topped with the freshest fruits and ingredients.

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Words by Anisha Nallakrishnan | Images from Shutterstock & Instagram