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2 months Animal Planet

This AI System Can Diagnose Depression from Instagram Photos

Researchers created a machine learning algorithm that was able to identify clinical depression with 70 percent accuracy, while a human general practitioner achieved a 42 percent success rate.

2 months Seeker

Aussie Sewage-Powered Car Boosts the Case for Biogas Energy

A promotional vehicle in Queensland called the Poo Car aims to raise awareness of the potential for converting human waste into energy.

2 months Seeker

The Flies on a Dead Body Can Help Solve a Murder

Researchers are using mass spectrometry on fly eggs to help investigators speedily determine a corpse's time of death. Here's how it works.

2 months Seeker

Eating Crispy Jellyfish Chips Might Help Curb a Thriving Aquatic Menace

Danish researchers have developed a method for quickly turning the stinging creatures into a crispy snack, making abundant jellyfish blooms a potential source of food.

2 months Seeker

Sex Can Be Complicated… For Snails With Backward Organs

Snails with situs inversus, the asymmetrical mirroring of parts inside the body, are extremely unlucky when it comes to sex.

2 months Seeker

To Friend or Unfriend? How Your Relationship Style Plays Out in Social Networks

For clues into how people form strong or weak social networks, psychologists looked at a phenomenon called attachment style — and they found some surprising online behaviour.

2 months Seeker

Kiwi things Aussies have claimed over the years: an investigation

Is it ‘pass the pav, mate,’ or ‘pass the pav, cuz’?

2 months Discovery Channel