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No one does sport like Aussies & Kiwis

Nothing can unite a nation (or make grown men cry) quite like sport.

2 months Eurosport

30 animals who are having a worse day than you

Some days are just rough, you know?

2 months Animal Planet

Elon Musk Just Revealed SpaceX Spacesuit Design After Years of Promises

Musk, the founder and CEO of the company, posted a photo of the suit on Instagram and promised more in the days to come.

2 months Seeker

8 of the most pointless inventions ever

Diet water, anyone?

2 months Discovery Channel

The iPhone at 10: The Myth and the Reality of Apple’s Famous Device

Brian Merchant, author of The One Device: The Secret History of the IPhone, urges skepticism toward the conventional wisdom about how Apple’s ubiquitous smartphone came to be.

2 months Seeker

Princess Diana #SquadGoals

Eat your heart out Taylor Swift. This is how you ‘squad’.

2 months TLC

You Might Get Fat Just By Smelling Your Food

The nose's olfactory receptors are stimulated when we smell food and other odours. But could the process of smelling cause weight gain?

2 months Seeker

The most notorious crime families in Australia and New Zealand

This is not the kind of family business we’d ever want to be part of.

2 months Discovery Channel

The Colour of Your Clothing Could Affect the Behaviour of Animals

New research on the behaviour of lizards found the animals fled less frequently when humans wore dark blue clothing rather than the colour red.

2 months Seeker