Discovery Intern

Ladies & Gentlemen, the 2017 Discovery Intern Top 25

We’re definitely not jealous of how talented & passionate these young Aussies & Kiwis are. Nope, not jealous at all.

7 months Discovery Channel

Also under Travel

Thank god the final round was down to public vote, there was no way we would have been able to choose a top 5 from this incredible bunch of entrants!

Jen Simms, New Zealand

Samuel Bingham, New Zealand

Maxwell Homer, Australia

Eugene Yeo, New Zealand

Laura Marslen, Australia

Benjamin Crisp, Australia

Ashley Marshall, New Zealand

Billy Wilson-Nunweek, New Zealand

Samantha Reid, Australia

Sophie Piearcey, New Zealand

Alice Pye, Australia

Kaleb Anderson, New Zealand

Kate Shannon, New Zealand

Jacob Emerson, Australia

Joanna Duggan, Australia

Jonny Goosman, New Zealand

Jeffrey KIeffer, Australia

Kurt Dickie, New Zealand

Peter Naik, New Zealand

Cameron Doyle, Australia

Luke Chaplin, Australia

Kate Carragher, Australia

Andrew Cooney, Australia

Jordie Gibbens, New Zealand

Gabriella Morton, New Zealand