HP Mars Home Planet

Ever wondered what life on Mars might look like?

3 months Discovery Channel

The brand new web series, HP Mars Home Planet, follows a group of remarkable young Australian space enthusiasts, problem solvers, and aspiring innovators as they embark on the extraordinary journey of reinventing life on the Red Planet.

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Over six episodes, we’ll join the students from Curtin and RMIT Universities while they tackle the practical and near impossible challenges of how to build and sustain urbanisation on the red planet – all with a deadline of just 6 months.

Through a fully immersive VR creation, this new wave of Australian thought leaders will create and map out a VR experience of a Mars civilisation, including infrastructure, housing, agriculture, transportation, and other areas of urbanisation.

The end goal… Reinvent life on Mars. And take the next leap for humankind.

Watch a sneak peek below and Episode 2. in full here now!