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Even if you immediately dismiss it as completely nonsense, it can be mighty fun going down the what-if rabbit hole, and pondering that maybe, just maybe, we’ve all had the wool pulled over our eyes. With that in mind, we look at our ten favourite pop culture conspiracies.

Miley Cyrus is a stooge employed by Obama

Remember that time POTUS used an ‘out of control’ pop star as a media puppet to distract the nation from important political issues? This conspiracy theory was largely unknown to the wider world until Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis — of all people — spoke calmly about it to TMZ, saying: “The thing with the whole Miley Cyrus stuff at the VMAs, when that went down, Obama passed a law that made him basically a dictator. He can imprison whoever he wants. He doesn’t have to charge them, he can hold them as long as he wants.” We knew something fishy was up!

Taylor Swift is actually a cult leader

Zeena Lavey sounds like the perfect pop star name don’t you think? Except she isn’t a pop star, she’s the leader of a satanic cult, and happens to look an awful lot like Taylor Swift. Lavey’s father ran the Church Of Stan, and she took over from 1985 through to 1990 when she quit. Taylor was born in 1989 – or reborn as the case may be. The theory vacillates between being that she is a clone of Zeena to actually being her, with a Faustian twist involved, of course. Taylor has her own cult following, regardless.

Tupac faked his death and now lives in Hawaii/Miami

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When someone dies young, people have a hard time believing it could be possible, with Elvis, Jim Morrison, and James Dean all being subject to numerous rumours and theories they actually faked their deaths to avoid the limelight or some other threat on their lives. When Tupac died violently at age 25, people thought he was actually thrust into witness protection and now lives in any number of balmy locations. Lookalikes are photographed and spread around the internet every few years, and the steady stream of posthumous releases only strengthens the claims.

Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey

This one is a little darker than the rest, due to the fact that it involves the very public and tragic murder of a child. There are scores of those who genuinely believe that pop queen Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey Ramsey all grown up. To be fair, there is a fair physical resemblance between the two, but other than that, this one makes little sense. Katy Perry is actually named Kate Hudson, and she used to be a Christian pop artist, so she has already changed identities once, so maybe…

Keanu Reeves is immortal

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In 1922 a French actor named Paul Mounet disappeared, presumed dead, and his body was never recovered. Rather than this begin a tragic accident allowed to rest in the annals of time, poor Paul happened to look a hell of a lot like Keanu, and so a theory was born: Keanu Reeves is Paul Mounet, and immortal to boot. Reeves is aware of the theory and has joked about it multiple times in interviews – the website deep dives into the evidence behind this one.

Megan Fox is actually multiple clones

There are some who feel Megan Fox’s beauty is too good to be true, but many simply pass it off as a mixture of surgery and genetics. DNA may have nothing to do with this, however, if a theory that spawned from a particular bonkers (and long-deleted) message board in 2009 is to be believed. An illuminati-created clone named Fegan was created, and is constantly killed and respawned, with subtle changes. Makes sense, right? The original Megan existed, sure, but she was killed when she refused to do the bidding of the Illuminati. We are sold!

Beyonce faked her pregnancy for Blu Ivy and used a surrogate

Whenever a celebrity has a child and then drops to their pre-baby weight alarmingly quickly, people are skeptical of how they achieved it, often quoting specialist diets, copious exercise, or surgery. But in the case of Beyonce, they had a much better theory: she was never actually pregnant, and instead used a surrogate to carry her and Jay-Z’s child. The main evidence of this stems from an interview she did in Australia with Molly Meldrum, where she leant forward and her baby bump appear to slip out of place, moving in a very unnatural way for a developing baby inside of a human body. Must be padding.

Nicki Minaj is actually Jay-Z sped up

Another Jay-Z related one, this time the faker is Nicki Minaj, who is actually not a multi-skilled musician, but instead an actress skilled in lip syncing. This one comes from slowing down Super Bass now, which reveals the true voice of the song is Jay-Z. If you speed up a Jay-Z song, it sounds like Nicki, making all the pieces fall into place. We have to admit this one is actually quite believable, only because ghostwriting is so prevalent in hip hop. We don’t believe it, obviously, but boy wouldn’t it be great if this was true?

Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a lookalike


This conspiracy theory stems from an overly-detailed blog post back in 2012 which laid out all the evidence that Avril died in 2003, shortly after her first record, and was hastily replaced by a lookalike named Melissa Vandella. The label couldn’t let all that early success go to waste, after all. Believers point to clues in her songs, and moving/vanishing freckles. We think the main piece of evidence to support this one is that she would have never married Chad Kroeger, right?

Stephen King actually killed John Lennon

A town meeting in a Florida town was interrupted by a man who unleashed a truly spectacular claim: that famed author Stephen King was hired to murder John Lennon by the FBI, and that Mark David Chapman doesn’t actually exist. King was allowed to roam free and used his powerful position to become a famous author. The entire thing seems to hinge on the fact he bears a passing resemblance to the killer, and often writes of the darker side of life.

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