Despacito played on calculators is actually really impressive

The cover you didn't know you needed to hear.

2 months YouTube

‘Despacito’ is the song that just won’t go away and now the record-breaking chart topper has been given new life in a way nobody saw coming.

A very clever YouTuber from Japan has managed to recreate the Justin Bieber mega hit using just two calculators. In a clip posted to the channel It’s a small world, the performer effortlessly covers ‘Despacito’ on the office equipment (which happen to have buttons that sound like doorbell tones when pressed).

“Hello. Thank you for watching. I’m japanese. and this calculator is made in china. so i bought on the internet. This calculator’s name is AR7778. I like this sound. (sorry for my english..) Have a nice day! Thank you from japan,” commented the dextrous performer.

But if Bieber’s tunes aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d prefer another of the songs covered on the YouTube channel, such as the double calculator version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’.

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