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Jobs that won’t exist in the not-too-distant future

The robots are coming. And they're taking our jobs.

2 weeks Discovery Channel

5 of the weirdest (and most convincing) conspiracy theories for TV and film

Bueller…? Bueller…? Bueller…?

1 month Discovery Channel

You Might Get Fat Just By Smelling Your Food

The nose's olfactory receptors are stimulated when we smell food and other odours. But could the process of smelling cause weight gain?

2 months Seeker

Aussie Sewage-Powered Car Boosts the Case for Biogas Energy

A promotional vehicle in Queensland called the Poo Car aims to raise awareness of the potential for converting human waste into energy.

2 months Seeker

Dark moments in family films that messed us all up

Warning: may bring back traumatic childhood memories...

3 months Discovery Channel

10 Movies that Turn 10 in 2017

Yep, you're old.

3 months Discovery Channel

15 of the World’s Weirdest Looking Animals

You may not have known they existed, but now you won't be able to forget...

4 months Discovery Channel

Scientists want to transplant a human head, here’s why that’s a bad idea

Even if we can perform a head transplant, should we?

4 months Seeker

A City on Mars: Elon Musk Details SpaceX’s Plan to Colonise the Red Planet

A lengthy article by Musk explores the feasibility of transporting people to Mars, covering everything from spaceship designs to the construction of propellant plants on the planet.

4 months Seeker