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Help, my cat is broken!

Having an overall weird day? Be more paw-sitive... at least it's not as weird as these furry felines.

4 weeks YouTube

Lasers Are Great, But Diamond Superlasers Are Better, Here’s Why

Scientists have discovered how to create a real life 'superlaser' using an ultra-pure diamond. How exactly does it work?

4 weeks Seeker

The most brilliant signs from the Marriage Equality marches

"Everything in this country will kill you except for Marriage Equality."

1 month Discovery Channel

Despacito played on calculators is actually really impressive

The cover you didn't know you needed to hear.

2 months YouTube

10 Songs Turning 10 in 2017

Yep, you've been saying "umbrella-ella-ella" for a decade.

2 months Discovery Channel

No one does sport like Aussies & Kiwis

Nothing can unite a nation (or make grown men cry) quite like sport.

2 months Eurosport

30 animals who are having a worse day than you

Some days are just rough, you know?

2 months Animal Planet

Elon Musk Just Revealed SpaceX Spacesuit Design After Years of Promises

Musk, the founder and CEO of the company, posted a photo of the suit on Instagram and promised more in the days to come.

2 months Seeker

8 of the most pointless inventions ever

Diet water, anyone?

2 months Discovery Channel