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Help, my cat is broken!

Having an overall weird day? Be more paw-sitive... at least it's not as weird as these furry felines.

4 weeks YouTube

30 animals who are having a worse day than you

Some days are just rough, you know?

2 months Animal Planet

The Colour of Your Clothing Could Affect the Behaviour of Animals

New research on the behaviour of lizards found the animals fled less frequently when humans wore dark blue clothing rather than the colour red.

2 months Seeker

Just a bunch of baby animals

Because, why not?

2 months Animal Planet

Sex Can Be Complicated… For Snails With Backward Organs

Snails with situs inversus, the asymmetrical mirroring of parts inside the body, are extremely unlucky when it comes to sex.

2 months Seeker

Here’s why you talk to your dog like it’s a baby

New findings show that the high, sing-song voice that is characteristic of pet-directed speech makes dogs pay more attention to us.

3 months Seeker

Best. Penguin Gifs. EVER

Penguins. They’re clumsy and waddly and hilarious. And when they fall they always bounce (sometimes literally) back!

3 months Animal Planet

The Super Strength of Chimpanzees, Explained

A study shows that chimps have more “fast-twitch” muscle fibers that enable sudden strength, while humans have more of the “slow-twitch” fibers that enhance endurance.

4 months Seeker