7 Unusual Facebook Groups That’ll Liven Up Your Feed

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Facebook is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, social media platforms in the world. But with that popularity comes a broad appeal that leaves the platform boring, generic and monotonous. With so many other options lots of people are turning to social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and the late Vine, for more engaging and individual content, and also for a better place to share their own content.

However, there are some people on Facebook who have used groups to counter this very lack of uniqueness, using this function to create online niches that, in some cases, have formed communities of several thousands. While many users join groups that connect them to people with common hobbies or interests, some groups have formed around very strange, very specific and often very funny topics.

If you’re looking to spice up your Facebook feed, here are just some of those interesting Facebook groups…

i’m leabing this gronp – 13.4K Members

The about section of this group calls out simply to “POST SCREENSHOTS OF LEABS”. What is a “leab” you ask? Well judging from the posts on this group, a “leab” is an awkward and/or cringey announcement from a member of a group who wishes to leave. Often fuelled by unfounded outrage, and for reasons that may seem a little ridiculous, these posts can be hilarious at the least.

Why Did You Draw That™ – 23.4K Members

This one’s fairly self-explanatory, Why Did You Draw That™ is filled with the most bizarre, unusual and sometimes unnerving illustrations from the internet. Ranging from just bad fan-art to mash-ups no one asked for, this group has a bit of everything.

thank mr banky – 30K Members

Appropriating the name of popular street artist Banksy, thank mr banky is, as the group defines, “A group for smug art”. Posting screenshots and sharing posts featuring on-the-nose, preachy art, members of this group like to poke fun at people who think their world view is a lot more insightful than it is.

The group even has a small spin-off group titled thank mr cranky “for when ur cranky cos its not banky” posting screenshots of members getting mad at other members for not posting something “banky” enough.

A Group Where You Can Only Say Yikes – 40.2K Members

YIKES! Stated in the name, and reaffirmed in the group description, “This is literally group where you can only say yikes.” Being one of the most unusual of the groups, with seemingly little appeal, it’s surprising to see that this group has over 40,000 active members. But fear not! A Group Where You Can Only Say Yikes is not as restrictive as it sounds.

As outlined in the group rules, members are only allowed to comment with yikes, yike and sekiy, lest they be banned from the group. However, posting images, gifs and videos is also completely allowed, making the group a stockpile of content that’ll make you say YIKES!

The group also has a handful of off-shoot groups including A Group Where You Can Only “A Group Where You Can Only Say Yikes” (1.2K Members) and Discourse Regarding “A Group Where You Can Only Say Yikes” (2.3K)

sounds fake, and honestly, how did you think this was even remotely real? – 50.9K Members

Another group focused on critique posts, sounds fake, and honestly, how did you think this was even remotely real? showcases social media posts that are literally unbelievable. Posts on this group range from screenshots of clearly fabricated self-glorifying stories of heroism, to ‘Interesting Facts’ that are just blatantly incorrect.

Official Flat Earth & Globe Discussion – 103K Members

The only group on this list that isn’t dedicated to sharing funny or entertaining content, Official Flat Earth & Globe Discussion is a group for flat-earthers, who, if you’re not familiar, are people who genuinely believe the earth is flat. With more than double the amount of members of most of the groups on this list, flat earth is, depending on your stance, the most interesting, concerning or (ironically) hilarious group around.

The group describes itself as “a serious scientific page about the shape of the earth and other misinformations being pushed on the masses by the globalist elite looking to govern men and secure world domination.”

Please show to Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! ! – 128K members

With a tagline of “The internet can be a confusing place” Please show to Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! ! is group dedicated to sharing people’s awkward and confusing misuse of social media, with an unsurprising focus on old people on the internet. With the biggest following on this list, Please show to Jim ! ! HA ! ! HA ! ! is one of the most active and arguably one of the funniest facebook groups featured here.

The group has gained such traction that it’s developed names to categorise the kinds of old people on the internet, with corresponding off-shoot groups made specifically for those sub-categories. While “Jims” and “Jimettes” are reserved for the harmless majority of confused social media users, “That’s not Jim, that’s Butch the bigot” is a group for all the Butch’s that are more racist than they are awkward, while “THIS is not Jim,,it’s Bob” houses the old people who are a little too inappropriate for daytime entertainment.


Words: Michail Mathioudakis | Images: Facebook