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Princess Diana #SquadGoals

Eat your heart out Taylor Swift. This is how you ‘squad’.

19 hours TLC

The iPhone at 10: The Myth and the Reality of Apple’s Famous Device

Brian Merchant, author of The One Device: The Secret History of the IPhone, urges skepticism toward the conventional wisdom about how Apple’s ubiquitous smartphone came to be.

2 hours Seeker

You Might Get Fat Just By Smelling Your Food

The nose's olfactory receptors are stimulated when we smell food and other odours. But could the process of smelling cause weight gain?

3 days Seeker

The most notorious crime families in Australia and New Zealand

This is not the kind of family business we’d ever want to be part of.

6 days Discovery Channel

The Colour of Your Clothing Could Affect the Behaviour of Animals

New research on the behaviour of lizards found the animals fled less frequently when humans wore dark blue clothing rather than the colour red.

7 days Seeker

Just a bunch of baby animals

Because, why not?

7 days Animal Planet

This AI System Can Diagnose Depression from Instagram Photos

Researchers created a machine learning algorithm that was able to identify clinical depression with 70 percent accuracy, while a human general practitioner achieved a 42 percent success rate.

1 week Seeker


You can’t beat a good celebrity conspiracy theory

Think about it. Has anyone ever seen Katy Perry and JonBenét Ramsey in the same room? Do we know for sure that Blue Ivy actually exists? What even is an Avril Lavigne?

2 days TLC


Really really good Photoshop battles

Because who wouldn’t want to see Mugabe riding a dinosaur…

6 days Discovery Channel


Aussie Sewage-Powered Car Boosts the Case for Biogas Energy

A promotional vehicle in Queensland called the Poo Car aims to raise awareness of the potential for converting human waste into energy.

1 week Seeker


The Flies on a Dead Body Can Help Solve a Murder

Researchers are using mass spectrometry on fly eggs to help investigators speedily determine a corpse's time of death. Here's how it works.

1 week Seeker


Eating Crispy Jellyfish Chips Might Help Curb a Thriving Aquatic Menace

Danish researchers have developed a method for quickly turning the stinging creatures into a crispy snack, making abundant jellyfish blooms a potential source of food.

1 week Seeker